Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Biography Blog

Music is a part of everyday life.  Whether it be classical rock or hip hop, it is safe to say that music is one of the many things that brings a group of people together.  It defines an individual by the genre of music he or she listens to.  There are many different types of music that connect people across the world.  Even knowing how to collaborate music or play the instruments that produce it integrates people who have a passion for it.
I’ve been playing an instrument since fourth grade.  That gives me about nine years of experience and counting.  My main instrument is the viola, which I have been playing since elementary school.  I started playing alto saxophone my junior year of high school and have been singing soprano in my school’s choir since eighth grade.  Music has always been a part of my life in particular socially.
Playing an instrument takes a lot of time and practice.  One can not just expect to be a on over night prodigy.  If it was let’s just say everyone would want to take the profession of musician.  Starting at a young age really sets the stage for a skilled player.  For some, they may happen to have  natural talent.  Yet for others, the so called “technical” musician, a lot of practice is required.  
When I was younger, I would practice up to three hours a night non-stop.  As crazy as that sounds, even though my orchestra teacher told me time and time again how much natural talent I had.  Music fueled my interest.  It was something that I could fuse all my emotions into without having to worry about what people thought of me.  It still is and I believe it is a form of expression that potentially can be strong when you put enough devotion into it.  
Learning how to play an instrument is not enough to make yourself an expert.  There is a lot of reading of composition involved.  Transposing occurs when you have to read from one clef to another.  Depending on the instrument you play, most instrument read treble clef, while the viola is the only known instrument to play in alto clef.  So cite reading may be difficult for those who only read in that clef.
My main instrument is viola.  It’s the only instrument that plays in alto clef.  When I got to high school, it was the first time I had any interaction with the other clefs in my pieces of music.  I had to teach myself treble clef in order to keep up with the difficulty of the pieces being played.  However I was determined to learn it no matter what.  After three months of going over the transposition from alto clef to treble clef, I no longer had to refer back to my music book for help.  
Of all the things I could blog about, music is something I am passionate about.  My personal experiences certainly make me qualified to talk about the topic.  I feel that music is a topic everyone can relate to and have something to say about the subject.